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Shane Theriot, Matt Abts, Melancon Guitars, The Melancon Forum, Garth Webber, Adam Nitti, Joey Belladonna, Eric Holden, FJA Mods, The Atlanta Bass Gallery, X2, Johnny Neel, Jon Herington, The Grease Factor, fmogearshop.com, Chris Delis, Chuck D'Aloia, Kyle Bolden...
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Web solutions for music-industry professionals.
 Our Toolbox:

hearditontheweb.com specializes in creating custom web-based solutions for touring professionals and boutique instrument and pedal manufacturers.

We can custom build an on-line accessible dynamic tour calendar, an image database, instrument registry database, or a web-form solution.

We can help with your CD production, print, or replication|duplication needs.

We can help with your PDF media kits, multimedia PDF files, streaming web-video, mp3's, shopping carts and PayPal checkout solutions too!

 Our Clients:
Shane Theriot
   The Nevilles, Boz Scaggs...
Matt Abts
   Gov't Mule...
Garth Webber
   Miles Davis, Boz Scaggs...
Joey Belladonna
   The voice of Anthrax!
Eric Holden
   Josh Groban...
Melancon Guitars
   Boutique Guitars!
Chris Delis
   Session Player!
Chuck D'Aloia
   Nick Brignola, J.R. Montrose...
Kyle Bolden
   Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons...
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